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The Cumbria Photographer, Shaun Barr, with his rough collie

I'm a freelance photographer and work with individuals and families right through to businesses and organisations throughout Cumbria. 

My images have sold worldwide and have featured in BBC television documentaries, magazines and books. Landscape and horse prints are sold in galleries and exhibitions throughout Cumbria. 

I'm often commissioned to provide fine art photography prints for shops, offices and other businesses looking to feature my artwork. 

My commercial photography covers all aspects of corporate images - from headshots to office interiors, capturing reportage-style working environments and photographing corporate events.

I'm also a pet and family portrait photographer and feel so lucky to be able to combine my love of dogs and photography. I'm currently working with the National Trust on their Santa Paws Festive Photo Studio event at Fell Foot, Cumbria, as well as photographing shelter dogs and cats for Animal Rescue Cumbria. 

I offer fine art dog photography photo shoots, either set in beautiful outdoor locations where I both portrait and action shots are taken to capture the dog's character, or in a professional mobile studio.

Living and working in Cumbria means I get daily inspiration for Lake District landscape photography but I'm also really a seeker of space so in my spare time I'm often pulled to the wilds of Scotland, and when not there to my easterly neighbouring county of Yorkshire. 

Thank you for visiting. For photo shoot bookings, print enquiries or to discuss how my photography could help promote your business please get in touch using the contact form below.

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