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Shaun Barr Photography Client Reviews



Ty Anderson



can't say enough wonderful things about my experience and their incredible talent in capturing the true essence of my energetic puppy, Talamh. From the moment we arrived at the photoshoot it was evident that Shaun had a genuine passion for dogs and a remarkable level of patience.

Talamh is a bundle of boundless energy and I was initially concerned about how the photoshoot would go. However, my worries were quickly put to rest as Shaun effortlessly connected with my furry friend. He took the time to get to know Talamh, understand his needs and took things at his pace. This made a world of difference in the quality of the photos.

Throughout the session Shaun demonstrated an incredible knack for capturing those spontaneous, heartwarming moments that truly define Talamh's personality. Whether it was a playful chase, a gleeful jump, or a gentle moment of curiosity, every shot was a masterpiece.

The final photos exceeded all my expectations. Each image radiated with Talamh's vibrancy and unique character. It's as if Shaun managed to freeze those joyful moments in time, allowing me to cherish them forever.

I felt like my pup was in the hands of a true professional who genuinely cared.

I highly recommend Shaun Barr Photography to anyone looking for a dog photographer who can capture the heart and soul of their furry family member.

Thank you for the wonderful memories you've created through your lens - Talamh and I are forever grateful!


Shetland sheepdog sheltie puppy with owner dog photo shoot.
Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) puppy in bluebells dog photography session.
Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) puppy in bluebells dog photography session.


Vickey Young

I’ve worked with Shaun for years and he is our ‘go to’ for all our website images and marketing material. Not only is his photography exceptional with a real eye and a natural style but his ability to interpret any brief we give him makes our lives so much easier.


Whether using his mobile studio set-up for head portraits and team images or taking full corporate photoshoots, office interiors or sponsored events, we always know Shaun will get us the results we’re looking for.


Professional throughout with an uncanny ability to put the staff at ease during a shoot, his passion for photography really shines through and I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.


Faye Davies


Dog and Family Photoshoot

We booked Shaun for a woodland family and dog photography session and things could not have turned out better. Despite some unpromising weather we were simply wowed by the pictures he gave us - some of which we’ve had framed and they look stunning on the wall.


He created some beautiful family and dog portraits as well as fantastic action shots with the kids and the dog, giving us photographs that we would just never have been able to capture ourselves. The shoot was much more relaxed and enjoyable than we expected it to be thanks to Shaun’s calm, informal approach.


Friendly and helpful and prepared to go the extra mile to get the right shot, we can’t thank him enough for giving us some really special memories we’ll always treasure.

Family portrait photography photo shoot.
Family portrait photography photo shoot, brother and sister with pet dog.
Family portrait photography photo shoot.


Catherine Burrell


Shaun's work combines photography with art. My breath is taken away by the magnificent land and seascapes, and I marvel at wildlife seen through a lens focussed with so much respect and patience.


There is so much to admire, and I delight in the images I am lucky enough to have around my home.


Graham Winwood


For our property development business we rely on good quality, professional images that show off our home renovations at their very best.


Whether it’s interiors where Shaun really makes the most of every room and has them beautifully lit, or whether it’s property exteriors or newly landscaped gardens, he gets everything down to the finest detail. Shaun's photography consistently showcases our properties perfectly.


Kirsty Williams


Having found the pictures I wanted on the website, Shaun was really helpful and contacted me straight away to make sure I ordered the sizes I wanted. This was a bit of a rush job, and he made sure the pictures arrived in time. Excellent service and will definitely come back.


Jane Eaves

I have a selection of Shaun Barr's prints and canvases around the house, but this one of the Cullins on the Isle of Skye is probably my favourite. Most people who see it think it's a painting which I think is often said about Shaun's pictures. I love this one for the way it captures the atmosphere and the mood of Skye, it takes me right back to being there.


I've also bought animal portraits and some wonderful seascapes from him and these are just real works of art. His prints are meticulously presented, all mounted beautifully and impeccably framed. I love all his work and will certainly be looking out for new and inspiring prints to buy.

I've since booked a dog photoshoot with him in local woodland and he has captured my 4 year old poodle / beagle cross so well - he has somehow managed to get his character and personality perfectly. The shoot was very relaxed and informal, and he gave plenty of time to let Charlie just do his own thing, so we got some really wonderful, natural shots. I've chosen a framed canvas as well as some fine art prints and they look absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Winter Storm, The Cuillins, Isle of Skye Landscape Photography Print
Beagle - poodle crossbreed dog action photography


Juliet James


Heres just a few pictures that Shaun took of my bundle of fluff. There were so many good ones that captured his striking blue eyes and shades of colour in his fur, it was too hard to decide what ones I liked best.


Shaun really knew how to interact with the dog to get some great actions shots and he thought about everything to bring out the best in the background and shine my dogs personality through, thank you so much for your time and patience in getting the best out of him.

Labradoodle Dog Photography Sitting Pose, Cumbria
Labradoodle Dog Portrait Photography, Cumbria
Labradoodle Dog Photography Head Portrait


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